2016 subjects

The Steering Committee has settled on the following subjects:

  • Legal and Regulatory Update
  • FRB Update on Faster Payments and Other Initiatives
  • Same Day ACH Implementation
  • TCH Faster Payment System Pilot
  • FRB 2017 Check Services Pricing Changes

Other subjects under consideration include the following:

  • Outsourcing IP as Checks Decline
  • Chip Card Implementation
  • Know Your Customer- Reg issues on Check Clearing

Possible Focus Group Topics:

  • Faster Payments – What will the Future Look Like?

It is not too late to let us know about other topics you would like to see discussed.

The 2015 Agenda is still posted on the Agenda page until the 2016 is finalized to

give you an idea of what topics were covered last year. The 2015 Agenda was the

highest rated since we started keeping records.

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